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Being Sick Sucks

Being sick sucks. Seriously. I didn’t even post yesterday, which is uncommon, since I update this blog everyday. I hardly had the oomph to sit on the couch.

The night before last, I puked. Not once, but fourteen times. Yeah, fourteen. Thirteen of those times, I had nothing to throw up, so you can imagine how much fun I had. It was so bad that I ended up just trying to sleep on a blanket on the bathroom floor. I was lucky if I fell asleep for five minutes between puke sessions.

The entire ordeal started at around 1am and probably didn’t die down until 8am. At some point, I was able to keep down some Pepto. I got a few hours of sleep, but woke up not feeling much better. Stumbling out onto the couch, I ended up watching Wifeswap all day while getting nothing but liquids down. I ate one cracker and a few bites of Jell-o all day. Awesome, right?

Falling asleep was hard, but I probably managed to nod off around 11pm. I woke up a couple hours later and hurled again. Fun fun. I woke up today at around 10:30am, and I still feel like crap, but I figured I could at the least offer up a lame little post like this. I did finish off a blog article for a freelance job I’ve got, so at least today isn’t a total loss like yesterday was, but I really need to get better.

Hopefully I’ll feel better enough to write something more useful for you guys tomorrow, so stay tuned.