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Children of Solus – Chapter Six is Up!

The next sequence of events of my upcoming novel Children of Solus is up for public reading! Here’s a little taste; be sure to follow the link to read the rest of the chapter! And if you haven’t yet, catch up on the last handful of chapters. They aren’t too long, promise!

Chapter Six

“Tavis.” The girl returned his smile with a cheesy grin, her weapon trained right between his eyes. “What brings you to my neighborhood?”
    The girl’s weapon attracted my attention most. It was a handgun, clean and high-tech looking. There was no barrel”instead, when she drew it, the body seemed to split in two, revealing a glowing cross-section that hummed with energy. Looks like humanity had taken some violent leaps forward in weaponry since I’d been asleep. I didn’t care to find out what sort of damage that thing could do.
    Tavis sent her a tired look, not even bothering to direct her attention to the stretcher him and I were carrying. “As fun as this is”Kathaerin”we’re not in the mood for games right now. Please.”
    There was a moment that seemed far longer than I’m sure it really was; the new girl and her armed and burly friends keeping their weapons aimed at us. Finally, she holstered her piece and laughed out loud, walking over to Tavis and giving him a bear hug. I could tell it wasn’t welcome. She squeezed him tight and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Tavis nearly lost grip on his half of the gurney.
    “Alright, follow me!” Kathaerin motioned for us to follow. “I’ll bring you to the Doc.” She looked in either direction, covering one side of her mouth before continuing in a mock hushed tone. “Between you guys and me, I think his medical license expired last week.”

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