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Children of Solus – Chapter Seven Is Up!

The latest chapter to my working post-apocalyptic novel is up for public viewing! Keep in mind that it’s in first draft form, so feel free to let me know if you come across any kinks that you think could be worked out. I love seeing my reading from my readers’ perspectives!

If you haven’t read any previous chapters, head over here and catch up!


Chapter Seven

The table was drenched in blood, the floor around it stained and slick. Kerning lay on the floor motionless, his clothes as soiled in red as the ground he rest against. Tavis’ eyes were closed, his hands flush against the side of the table as he watched silently over his friend.
    “Tavis… is he?” I had to catch my breath”the whole scene caught me off guard.
    “Gonna be nursing a nasty shiner in the morning? Yes.” His reply didn’t seem the answer the question in everyone’s mind. “I punched him. He’s fine”it’s not his blood.”
    Kerning moaned incoherently, rolling to his side. He did have it coming.
    “How is she?” Alyssa scooted past me, going to Jane’s side.
    She didn’t look good. The amount of blood she lost was staggering; her skin now shaded a pallid white. She was still breathing though. I guess Kerning didn’t have any blood to transfuse. Even if he did, I’d hate to guess who it was from. Maybe she was better off with whatever she had left.
    “She’s hanging in there…” Tavis crossed his arms, his voice barely above a whisper. “We won’t be able to tell if the venom is still spreading until later tonight.”


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Welcome To The Press!

Thanks for stumbling into my little corner of the net. My name’s Hal, and I’m a writing student who’s just recently plunged into the world of professional writing work. I must warn you that I’m a bit of a nerd, so don’t expect too much philosophical speculation and political ranting here. Instead, expect a blathering feed of original
science-fiction/fantasy/western/horror/post-apocalyptic literature with a heaping side of poetry word vomit! If that’s your bag, then I think we’ll have a nice long relationship, pardner.


What will you find on the Sundance Press?

  • Regular original novel/novella updates, short stories, and flash fiction from H.T. Sundance (that’s me!).
  • Ridiculous, unedited poetry that out to be thrown away, straight to you!
  • Anecdotes from the yawn-inducing life of an aspiring writer.
  • Writing tips and tricks from the masters (and the amateurs).
  • Various publishing leads.
  • lolcats (perhaps not, but I shouldn’t rule it out).


That’s all for now. Be sure to check back in later!