Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve been writing for a pretty long time; I’ve brought that up before. A problem I always faced as a young writer was lack of focus and commitment. One day I want to write about something—and I’ve got the ideas all up top—but the next day, I’m bored. Maybe not bored with the idea, but bored with writing it. Something else would steal my interest, and I’d move onto that.

It was hard for me to focus on a single project, basically. I start something; I don’t finish it. I did that a lot, if not always. A lot of people have that problem. I know I have that problem, but I thought that I grew out of it a bit.

Seems I haven’t quite ditched the habit. It’s difficult, because while I am able to embark on a project and focus on it, I have so many ideas! I’m working on two novels and one serial. Those are all time-consuming projects. Amidst those things, I need to update this blog more often. I need to sit down and write articles for my job. When I do take the time to work on a personal writing project, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know which project to work on. Then the thought comes to mind that I should start writing something entirely new. A short story, or flash fiction. Something I can submit to places and possibly get published and paid for.

As much as I talk on this blog, and try my best to help people (mostly with their virus problems, as it seems from my 100+ hits a day on my “System-Check” Virus post), I have problems myself. I know I have the skill and ability to do useful things, but more often than not I just don’t know where to direct my figurative blows.

Old habits die hard, and I’ll still have to grapple with them for control. In the meantime, it’s good to take a step back and remember that everyone is always learning. As a writer, you never stop growing, and I’ve only just begun my journey.

About HT Sundance

I'm 20 years old and I'm a writing student living in Hawaii. Writing is my passion, and I'm striving to break into the market doing something I really love.

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  1. Sometimes in life (and writing) you just have to make choices and stick with them. Getting bored with writing something perhaps means the idea isn’t that interesting after all?

    If that’s not the case and you really do want to finish something you’ve started, write the new idea down and add it to the ‘to be written – sometime’ list. The best things on that list will get to the top at some point.

    • I think the ideas are great. I honestly don’t invest time into anything that I don’t find “great”, you know what I mean? I just have too many ideas.

      That’s good advice though. What I tend to do is that… say I have a good idea for a novel. I at least sit down while the inspiration and mental juices are boiling and hammer out the first chapter. I set the stage. So even if I don’t get much done, I’ve created a base I can go back to and continue when I so choose.

      I just have far too many “bases”.

  2. At least you’ll never be out of ideas! Sometimes I sit down to write, only to find that nothing wants to come out. I’ll start an idea, then scratch it out because it doesn’t fit to my liking. I only have a handful of ideas that I actually plan on following, maybe that helps me focus and work on them, maybe it doesn’t. But even if they’re not finished, at least you’re still creating. I think that’s the most important part. Never stop producing. :)

  3. You seem like a ENXP personality type. You just have to learn how to get in love with the idea of finishing projects the way you fall in love with other ideas. Just think of the potential : )

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